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> Hi,
> I have written a system call and build it with kernel for Arm
> architecture. However, I'm confused to use it to call it from the user
> space. As it is in x86, where we can simply call by using sycall() function
> and the return value is returned by the syscal() itself.
> In Arm, I tried to write an assembly language program and was able to call
> the system call using the assembly code but what I'm

care to show us how you called system call in assembly in ARM?

> confused is how to call this function using C program. I tried using
> inline assembly but it didn't work. Further, if I can implement it using
> inline assembly then return value will be in r0 and how can I move this
> value to the user variable.
> Thanking you in advance.
arch/arm/kernel/entry-common.S (and kernel/calls.S) pair up together to
implement the pre-syscall and post-syscall wrapper as you have asked.
perhaps u can try to understand the code first?

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