Spinlocks & schedule_timeout

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> Hi,
> I wanted to verify/clarify if using schedule_timeout after acquiring a
> spinlock is safe?.

No it is not safe. schedule_timeout is sleepy function and it is
wrong to sleep when holding a spin lock.

> So basically you have a situation where you are working on a critical code
> and you acquire a spin lock and you end up using a schedule_timeout after
> say setting the current task to Interruptible state 'cause you are waiting
> for some user space code to fill in some buffer from which you want to read.
> So my doubt is simple, is it safe to acquire a spinlock and use
> schedule_timeout.
> I assume the task is put in the run queue and will "ALWAYS"
> be scheduled back after the specified delay in schedule_timeout.
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> *Regards,Santosh*
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