help in developing soft and hardlockup detection tool

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Mon Dec 16 01:49:20 EST 2013

On Mon, 16 Dec 2013 09:25:21 +0800, Peter Teoh said:

> the interrupt is disabled.   but u can of course do some pre-calculation:
> for your CPU, for platform, do a precise low level accurate timing of CPU
> to assess how many instructions of a certain types is need to achieve a
> duration, say 1 microsecond.   then you implement a deterministic loop of 1
> million loop to exactly implement a timing delay of 1 second for ONE cpu.
> you can disable interrupt before entering that deterministic loop.   and
> once out of loop, u can enable interrupt again.

In fact, this is pretty much the only thing that the bogoMIPS variable is
actually useful for. :)
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