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Sun Dec 15 10:55:20 EST 2013

Hi Venkat,

After copying the module into the /lib/module/uname -r/drivers/pci/

you should perform 

depmod -a 

This will rebuild the module dependency and re-link the module to the kernel.

Also verify using lspci command if you motherboard has the support for AHCI

For applying the patch first you always run 

#patch --dry-run -p1 < patchfile

This command dose not apply the patch but verify the patch file are updated correctly.
If no rejection of patch then we can apply the patch.

#patch -p1 < patchfile

-Anand Moon

On Monday, December 9, 2013 3:56 PM, Venkat Swaminathan <venkat.s at> wrote:

 Currently i am trying to work with my kernel :

 I am trying to make my chipset(ICH7 - M) to support AHCI in my debian 6

 With mentioned link's ref

 i cooked the quirk.c in my work machine and compiled the KERNEL

  make SUBDIRS=drivers/pci/ and  make module SUBDIRS=drivers/pci/

 After successful compilation

 i copied the "pci-stub.ko" from linux-source-2.6.32/drivers/pci to test

 machine's :"/lib/modules/2.6.32-5-686/kernel/drivers/pci" path
 and then set quirks.ich_force_ahci=1 in /etc/grub/grub.conf

 and rebooted the system

 But after reboot my IDE is using ata_PIIX driver not AHCI driver.

 Don't know what is error.request some guidance on applying the patch


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