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> Thanks for you response,
> There is always a way to say a layman in easy approach to get the
> attention first and them get into detail later, I was looking for that kind
> of tutorial. BTW, I was studying LDD, I'm not able to get much attention
> going through the chapters. It's getting tough to get the attention.I have
> looked at essential linux device driver. Looks very interesting to me. I
> think I need to be very focused for LDD. I was about to start chap 5. I
> think I have to first finish 1-5 chapters of essential linux device driver,
> and then come back to LDD.
> Thanks,
> Krishna.
> Please don't top post.(
It may require multiple reading to fully understand. Read more books
related to unix/linux fundamental. If you have little knowledge of unix in
general(that is internals of unix) and/or OS, the book might be bit hard.
So build that understanding. Your 'C' should be particularly good if you
want to really learn device drivers, so work on that as well. Look at
Robert Love's LKD, it might help as well.
Device driver code is NOT meant for layman it is meant for device driver
engineers, so there is no such thing as easy approach.

If you have doubts in understanding the stuff from LDD, please first google
it and then if you are unable to find any result. Ask the question here on
the mailing list. Always do your homework before asking. Read articles on, and other such sites, they are useful.

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>> On Fri, Dec 13, 2013 at 12:53 PM, s.v.krishna reddy <svkr521 at>wrote:
>>> Hello everyone,
>>> Could you just a easy and quick tutorial for learning device driver
>>> concepts, referring to a sample driver all the way?
>>> How about NO?
>> There is a reason for it be a long learning process. It would only make
>> you a terrible device driver writer and writing code which eventually
>> everyone will hate. Learn it properly by learning basic from LDD and then
>> move on to essential Linux device driver.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Krishna.
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Thank you
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