Rebuild kernel so complicated?

乃宏周 naive231 at
Sat Dec 7 06:57:03 EST 2013

AFAIK, rebuild the kernel should follow those steps at least:

   - *copy /boot/system-$(uname -r).map to ${kernel_src}*
   - *copy /boot/config-$(uname -r) to ${kernel_src}*
   - *cd ${kernel_src}*
   - *make menuconfig*, save config(If I don't wanna change anything for
   - *make -j9 bzImage.*
   - *override /boot/vmlinuz-$(uname -r) with

Maybe those steps contains some typo or has some different paths. Buts the
point is I don't change any features from original setting, I just copy my and config to kernel source's one and rebuild the kernel(should
be the same with mine).

When I override new kernel and reboot, It just hanged, no any message print
out(No Oops, No panics). But if I do those steps with
everything goes fine. I just don't know the differences between the
standard way and debian's way. Is ubuntu abnormal ?
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