Should I pass user-space buffer pointer to read() of struct file implemented by `filp_open()`?

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> In module code:
> *unsigned char buf[20];*
> *struct file *device;*
> *device = filp_open(...);*
> *device->f_op->read(device,buf,20,&device->f_pos);*
> In signature(interface) of *read()* of *struct file*, *buf* should came
> from user-space. I fed my buffer, and I get correct data from that, Is that
> correct? Shouldn't I provide a user-space buffer to that ?

Some convention in kernel programming:

long do_sys_open(int dfd, const char __user *filename, int flags, umode_t

here __user is used for declaration - explicitly saying that the pointer is
pointing to userspace data.

without it, all pointer necessarily need to point to kernel allocated
memory, and u used copy_from_user() to copy data from userspace to kernel

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