about cheating upper layers

Guibin(Bill) Tian gbtian at gmail.com
Mon Dec 2 00:48:28 EST 2013

Hi there,
Right now, I am trying to do such a thing.

If a computer has multiple interface A and B, assume the packet is from
device A.
At ip layer, before the packet is transmitted to transport layer, I change
the source address and destination address of the IP header and transmit to
transport layer to pretend that this packet is from device B. Not sure
whether this can work or not.

There are other interface specific information in the skb structure like
the net_device member. If I pass the packet to transport layer only with my
proposed modification, will the application's socket detect this? I didn't
look into the socket match code, not sure if the socket match will check
other information in skb struct beside the ip address and port number.

Thanks for your help.

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