looking for current, online kernel-related tutorials

Robert P. J. Day rpjday at crashcourse.ca
Sat Sep 29 06:38:15 EDT 2012

  a *very* wide-ranging post, but i'm currently trying to collect any
well-written and *current* tutorials on *any* aspect of kernel
programming, device drivers and related stuff like that there --
especially those that come with working, hands-on examples.

  the biggest drawback with a lot of the online tutorials and the
in-kernel Documentation content is that much of it is simply
out-of-date and finding really good tutorials is a bit of a challenge,
so if anyone has suggestions for things like that (or has written such
things), by all means, post pointers to them and i'll start making a
list.  and what's in it for you?

  i'm starting some wiki pages for as many topics as i can think of:


for now, things will be fairly concise, i just want to collect the
content.  these wiki pages will be permanently publicly available, so
it's not like i'm asking anyone to do the work, at which point i'll
take the results and keep them for myself.

  in addition, the *eventual* goal is to incorporate the results in
some updated linux kernel programming courseware, which will all be
released under the creative commons license so, again, at no point
will any of this content suddenly disappear.

  at the moment, i'm working with karim yaghmour of opersys.com, who
recently open-sourced all his courseware --
http://www.opersys.com/training -- and i'm working on updating the two
linux courses for the 3.x kernel.  when those linux course manuals are
updated, they will be posted and will still be under the creative
commons license.

  in the end, i may reorganize the wiki content if i come up with a
more accessible structure, but it will never disappear.  so if you
know of any excellent tutorials out there, let me know, and i'll add
that to the wiki where everyone can take advantage.

  and now, back to work ...



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