LDT - Linux Driver Template

Constantine Shulyupin const at makelinux.com
Wed Sep 26 07:03:50 EDT 2012


I develop template of Linux driver. It can be used as sample for Linux
driver development beginners and starting point for development of new

The driver uses following Linux facilities: module, platform driver,
file operations (read/write, mmap, ioctl, blocking and non-blocking
mode, polling), kfifo, completion, interrupt, tasklet, work, kthread,
timer, misc device, proc fs, UART 0x3f8, HW loopback, SW loopback

Readme and sources: https://github.com/makelinux/ldt/blob/master/README.md

To run driver with test script just run:
 git clone git://github.com/makelinux/ldt.git && cd ldt && ./ldt-test

You feedback, suggestions, discussions, recommendations patched will
be greatly appreciated!


Constantine Shulyupin
Embedded Linux Systems,
Device Drivers, TI DaVinci

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