kernel stack memory

shubham sharma shubham20006 at
Thu Sep 13 02:45:39 EDT 2012


As far as i know, the size of stack allocated in the kernel space is
8Kb for each process. But in case i use more than 8Kb of memory from
the stack then what will happen? I think that in that case the system
would crash because i am accessing an illegal memory area. I wrote
kernel module in which i defined an integer array whose size was 8000.
But still it did not crash my system. Why?

The module i wrote was as follows:

#include <linux/kernel.h>
#include <linux/module.h>

int __init init_my_module(void)
	int arr[8000];
	printk("%s:%d\tmodule initilized\n", __func__, __LINE__);
	arr[1] = 1;
	arr[4000] = 1;
	arr[7999] = 1;
	printk("%s:%d\tarr[1]:%d, arr[4000]:%d, arr[7999]:%d\n", __func__,
__LINE__, arr[1], arr[4000], arr[7999]);
	return 0;

void __exit cleanup_my_module(void)



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