Clarification needed on register_netdevice_notifier behavior.

Paraneetharan Chandrasekaran paraneetharanc at
Mon Sep 10 09:53:14 EDT 2012

Hi all,

I encountered a behavior of register_netdevice_notifier. Upon the
registration a notifier, it calls the notifier looping through each
net_device and invokes the notifier. If, at some instance, the
notifier fails with error, it rollsback each of net_device it had been
notified earlier. Pls take a look at the function.

I am not sure  whether the rolling back part is done for a reason.
Does this not possibly cause undesirable behaviors in the notifier's
client for the reason that it had been misinformed that all the
net_devices' are unregistered?

Paraneetharan C

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