Optimizing the performance of the Scheduler in the Kernel 3.0

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> Greetings,
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> I want to optimize the performance of the scheduler in the Kernel 3.0 in
> order to increase the number of calls a Sip proxy server can handle.
> I read about the scheduler in the Kernel 2.6 and was able to find the
> STARVATION_LIMIT. If I tune this variables I can tweak the performance of
> the scheduler, but in the new kernel I cant find any documentation that
> allows to successfully modify the scheduler.
> I would gladly appreciate any information related to the scheduler in the
> new kernel, or documentation about the new variables that are similar to the
> ones I mentioned.
> Thanks in advance for your time.
> Edward Alvarez.
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> There are present sysctl scheduler tunables in dir /proc/sys/kernel/sched_*

You can do the tuning according to your requirement.

But i think there is a better way to increase the calls to the sip server.

To increase the calls to sip server means to maximize the run-time of sip
server process.

This can be done by increasing the nice value of that process, with the
"renice"  command. Only root user can specify the negative values. I think
this should do the job.

Rohan Puri
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