what does sys_sync() function do when suspend is called?

sandeep kumar coolsandyforyou at gmail.com
Wed Sep 21 22:28:20 EDT 2011

Hi all,
"sys_sync()" function is used in enter_suspend().
It is taking a long time, when data transfer is happening, thus taking more
time for the deivce to suspend.

I am basically does not know much about filesystems, still wondering what
sys_sync() function does?

When suspend is called before suspending the devices we will call sys_sync()
function. All that i know is it "syncs the filesystems..!!!"
I tried to see the function implementation but it is a system call.

My questions are..
1) where its implementation will be present(system calls like those)?
2) briefly what it does?
3) why it is taking more time when data transfer is happening?

With regards,
Sandeep Kumar Anantapalli,
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