Cannot read using USB Skeleton Driver

Felix Varghese felixv1986 at
Thu Sep 15 09:32:59 EDT 2011


I have been trying to communicate with a custom usb device from a
SAM9G20-EK board using the usb-skeleton.c driver example in the linux
source. I modified the driver to add my device's vendor and product
id. The USB device enumerates with two bulk endpoints - one IN and one
OUT. The (modified) skel driver successfully detects my device and I
get a minor number allocated. After creating a device file with that
minor number, I am able to write into the device by typing 'echo "HI"
> /dev/mydevice'. I verified that this data arrives at my device
intact. Next, I started sending data back from the device and tried to
read it back using 'cat /dev/mydevice'. The problem is that read not
only doesn't work, but also makes the app get totally stuck. Ctrl-C
doesn't work and I have to reboot the board.

Some debugging using printk's led me to the following snippet which
seems to be causing the hang. If I change the wait to a
wait_for_completion_interruptible, Ctrl-C starts working, but still no
data is received.

if (!dev->processed_urb) {
		 * the URB hasn't been processed
		 * do it now
		dev->bulk_in_copied = 0;
		dev->processed_urb = 1;

Oh, btw I am using linux kernel Any Ideas anyone??


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