perf hardware events

Andreas Leppert wudmx at
Wed Sep 14 06:27:39 EDT 2011


I am using the 'perf' tool for evaluation purposes. I know that there
are some predefined "Hardware Events" for my platform (Intel Core 2
Duo), e.g. cycles and instructions.

My question is: which internal event number is used to calculate the
stats for cycles / instructions etc.? Could you give me a hint where
in the source code these alias names are translated into the real
hardware event numbers? I have already tried to find it, but I didn't

Is there a docu/homepage where the several events are described in
more detail? E.g. what does "instructions" stand for? The number of
CPU instructions executed while the given program is running?

Am I correct that on a platform with Level1 and Level2 cache, LLC
(last level cache) = L2 ?

Thanks for your efforts,

Andreas Leppert

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