work_struct not getting scheduled

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> Hi!
> On 17:44 Thu 21 Apr     , Pankaj B wrote:
> ...
> > INIT_WORK(&event->work, do_handling_work);
> > schedule_work(&event->work);
> > flush_scheduled_work();
> >
> > But the work never gets scheduled. I have put some printks in the
> > do_handling_work() function. Creating workqueue and queueing
> > the work to that workqueue doen't work either. I find this a
> > very strange problem. Does anybody knows about this?
> >
> > FYI: my system has heavy IO load when I schedule the work.
> 1) Why call flush_scheduled_work? This function will wait until
> do_handling_work is finished. You could just call do_handling_work
> directly...

do_handling_work is to be called/scheduled from the interrupt context.
Actually I was not calling flush_scheduled_work() initially(it sleeps), I
tried it because
work was not getting scheduled. I can not call do_handling_work() directly
because it sleeps.


> 2) If you have heavy IO load, it might will up the workqueues. It should
> not
> cause total starvation. But if (1) did not solve your problem, try
> reproducing
> it while the system is idle.
Work get scheduled when the system is idle.

Somehow the work is getting scheduled now. I doubt another thread which was
system to become non-responsive for most of the time.

@Dave: I am using linux kernel

@Himanshu: Good point. I checked return value of schedule_work(),
I am getting non-zero value which is expected.

Thank you all.
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