Distributed Computing

Rigved Rakshit r.phate at gmail.com
Mon Apr 18 17:12:30 EDT 2011

> > 1. Process A has just been scheduled to execute for the first time on
> > machine A.
> > 2. I send a suspend signal to Process A, mostly a SIGSTOP.
> > 3. Then I copy Process A's PCB to machine B.
> > 4. On machine B, I send the continue signal to Process A, mostly a
> > 5. Whenever Process A needs user input or needs to output something, I
> cause
> > a trap, mostly with a SIGTRAP (or I could use SIGSTOP here again). I
> > transfer this I/O request to machine A and let the user interact. I send
> the
> > interaction back to Process A on machine B. I resume Process A on machine
> B.
> > 6. I continue these steps till Process A has completed execution.
> Sounds like just what MOSIX, OpenSSI or Kerrighed already do....

Thanks for the information. It was really helpful.
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