why only C?

mohit verma mohit89mlnc at gmail.com
Sun Apr 3 15:17:47 EDT 2011

Hi list,

I have a very basic question.

As far as i can decipher , we impose Object oriented paradigm in kernel
space using C  : like using gates to allow only one way entry and binding
functions to structures in a OOP fashion  and trying to make them private to
that structure only  , encapsulation of one struct into another structure
(and lots of features ) and itself  lots of kernel subsystem supports like
driver interface and blah blah behaving like **objects** .......

why dont we use some fully OOPs supportive language like JAVA or partial
supportive language like  C++ to construct Linux Kernel????

I don't  think that performance is the main reason behind all this . Is it??

Thanks a lot in advance.

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