looking for corrections/enhancements/omissions for LKD3

Raahi Mehra raahi80 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 29 01:39:28 EST 2010

Hi Robert,

Just so you know, Jonathan Corbet of "LDD" fame has written a review of LKD3
on lwn.net.
He has done some very interesting observations on the book and mentioned
that some parts are completely obsolete.
If you care to check, heres the link:


Some excerpts from that article:
*"Linux Kernel Development is, at this time, probably the best reference
available for developers wanting to learn how the kernel works and how the
major pieces fit together"*
* *
*"the book contains a number of errors and inconsistencies, and it fails to
cover no end of interesting things which have happened in the kernel over
the last five years while retaining text which was obsolete even in previous
editions." *
* *
*"the amount of old stuff that leaked through, combined with the things
which should have been mentioned but weren't, seems a bit high; some of them
should, at least, have been caught in technical review."*

He mentioned a lot of errata in that article which might be of use to you.

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