recurring problem, booting git-built to black screen with intel GPU

Mulyadi Santosa mulyadi.santosa at
Mon Dec 27 10:29:29 EST 2010

Hi :)

Just to add what you have said below....based on my own experience
(which is the issue is somewhat similar...but not strongly similar)

On Mon, Dec 27, 2010 at 20:10, Shreyansh Jain <shrey.linux at> wrote:
> What parameters are being passed to the new kernel via Grub? I had the
> same issue (don't remember, but I think it was with one of the rc
> build of 2.6.34) and it could drill it down to a 'vga' parameter on
> the Grub command line. I removed everything (including any standard
> 'quiet' parameter which Ubuntu distro kernel has) and managed to boot
> with some vga value I can't recall (will search and post in case I can
> find it).

In my case, this is happen when I used Fedora 7 (or 9, couldn't recall
perfectly) plus manually compiled 2.6.3{1,2}.

Sometimes, X could other occasions, it couldn't. I do this
by simply entering run level 3 (console text mode, full networking)
then executed "startx". But using stock kernel, it never happened.

X log didn't reveal anything suspicious. But eventually I came to raw
guess that  it was due to DRI incompatibility between the X user space
part versus kernel space.


Mulyadi Santosa
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