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Mulyadi Santosa mulyadi.santosa at
Mon Dec 27 10:19:17 EST 2010

On Mon, Dec 27, 2010 at 19:04, Niloofar Javadi <lavenderlutos at> wrote:
> Dear all ,
>   I was wondering to find a good topic for my BS final project in linux
> kernel topics,Does any body have an idea
> about what to choose and where to start?I have nearly 6 months to complete

I believe we already receive this kind of question over and over
again. Have you searched this list archieve or do googling? And what's
your interest anyway?

Please please please, don't make us like the replacement of your
lecturers. They are the ones who are supposed to answer this question,
right? Or has the rule changed nowadays?



Mulyadi Santosa
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