Doubt regarding BIO handling

Gaurav Mahajan gauravmahajan2007 at
Mon Dec 27 01:01:27 EST 2010

Hi all,

I have a doubt regarding the handling of bios.

Suppose I receive a bio at some layer, and I want to split it into
multiple bios. There are layers below the one I am working on and the
final I/O operations will be handled by those layers. So, basically ,
after some processing, I want to hand over the bio to the lower layer.
Now, if I have split the original bio into multiple bios and submitted
all the newly formed bios, I shall receive each such bio in the
bio->bio_end_io function.

Here is it necessary to merge these bios so that the original bio can
be formed or is it ok to just split the original bio, receive the
requested data in multiple bios and leave it at that ?

Looking forward to some help.....


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