Reading the VGA BIOS

Prasad Joshi prasadjoshi124 at
Sat Dec 25 10:47:29 EST 2010

Hello All,

Is there any way I can read the BIOS of the VGA card that is not being used?
I have a two VGA cards, one onboard and one PCIe Nvidia card. The
monitor is attached to the Nvidia card and the other card, is not
being used.

I can read the BIOS of the VGA card that is being used using /dev/mem,
reading 64K from 0xC0000. This will read the BIOS of the Nvidia card.

Similarly is there any way to read the BIOS of the other VGA card? I
want to pass-through the other VGA card to the Virtual Machine.
XEN has the pass-through support, they seem to be reading the BIOS
from /dev/mem.
But would not it attach the same graphics card to VM that is being
used by the host machine, thus host machine will no longer have the
display device.

Thanks and Regards,

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