Problem with booting newly compiled kernel

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Tue Dec 21 23:48:09 EST 2010

>>> I believe the UUID is created per partition/file system and are
>>> created when creating the file system for a partition.  If anyone even
>>> had their drive changed from /dev/hda to /dev/sda due to linux
>>> changing how they labeled ide drives they will know why people use
>>> UUID instead of the device name .  Also, it is not guaranteed that
>>> they drives will always come up in the same order between kernel
>>> releases(This is my personal opinion).
>> I think you are correct, it is assigned when a file system is created.
>> It is a tunable parameter which can be chnaged using tune2fs -U
>> command.
>> A new UUID can be generated using command uuidgen.
> Would that mean that there has to be a table stored somewhere which
> provides this kind of mapping? In that case, as this table is required
> at the boot time, even before the bootable harddisk is detected which
> could have stored such a table persitently, is this table written
> somewhere in the initramfs?

I think UDEV manages persistent naming of devices for you. The
mappings that you talk of are managed as udev rules. Reading more on
udev might give you a better idea. I don't know the exact details so
I'll point you to link I've planning to read for some time! :)



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