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Javier Murcia Díaz javi at
Mon Dec 20 11:19:17 EST 2010

On Lunes 20 Diciembre 2010 13:52:07 Dexter Haslem escribió:
> I have noticed that on Ubuntu 10.10 there is no menu.lst for grub and I
> have no idea how to update it. Thankfully, using dpkg to install the
> kernel updates grub for you. I have been having an issue with grub not
> displaying the menu on i386 and booting the first entry, but on x86_64
> it's displaying a list. Hope that helps

ubuntu now uses grub 2 whose config file is called grub.cfg, but it shoul't be 
edited by hand. If you wan to edit, you should edit the files in /etc/grub and 
run update-grub (if you simply wan to add a kernel or an initrd image, just 
run grub-update and they will be added to grub.cfg)
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