direwolf 1.6 in F32, 33, rawhide

Matt Domsch matt at domsch.com
Thu Nov 5 21:59:16 EST 2020

Upstream released major version 1.6 last week, and after addressing one
buffer overflow being caught by newer gcc in F33, it's now built and
awaiting updates-testing for F32, 33, and rawhide.  This release adds:

* FX.25 forward error correction (FEC)
* Receive AIS location data from ships
* Receive Emergency Alert System (EAS) Specific Area Message Encoding (SAME)
* 2400 bps compatibility with MFJ-2400
* Add support for Multi-GNSS NMEA sentences

If you run a digipeater, please give this a try.

Matt N5MLD
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