CubicSDR & dependencies

Matt Domsch matt at
Wed Aug 8 00:51:41 EDT 2018

I've built CubicSDR and it's dependencies for Fedora 28 x86_64. Packages
are at for review and consideration.

* wxGTK31 - SRPM rebuilt from  Scott, are you
planning on releasing 3.1 into rawhide?
* SoapySDR 0.6.1 (from git HEAD)
* soapy-rtlsdr 0.2.5 (== git HEAD) - hardware driver for rtlsdr
* liquid-dsp 1.2.0 (from git HEAD)
* CubicSDR 0.2.4 (from git HEAD)

liquid-dsp wasn't versioning their one library. I've filed a ticket with
upstream, and here am versioning it as

CubicSDR bundles a couple small libraries (an old librs232 and tinyxml),
which they wish to keep as such. I've noted Provides bundled() for these.

My RTL-SDR arrives tomorrow, so I'll have a chance to actually use the
software after that. So far, it starts correctly and looks for hardware.

Matt (N5MLD)
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