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Thu Mar 21 20:42:07 EDT 2013

Geeze, how much easier was academic communication when the 
greencard spamdals hadnt yet discovered how to wreck the Internets:

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> From: Roman Czyborra <czyborra at>
> To: Raghavendra R S < at>
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> Subject: Re: Reg the unifont file
> Dear Raghu,
> thank you for your mail from 2010 and please excuse my lack of
> spontaneity and responsibility back then, but thru another discussion
> Ive just come across it again:
>> Hi  Czyborra,
>>                  This is Raghu. I am using the unifont.ttf (version 1.0.0
>> General Public License) in one of my application. This unifont file works
>> fine for most of the languages. But I am facing and issue with the
>> devanagari language. In devanagari we can create combined characters using
>> the combination of 2 or more individual characters. The final combined
>> character is shown as a single character instead of 2 or more individual
>> character that we enter. But  I am not able to see the combined character
>> when I use the unifont.ttf file.
>> You have mentioned in your website
>> that the
>> " Well-known problems
>> The combining characters are not being handled correctly. I will repair it
>> when it has time. :P ".
> That was not me mentioning that and not my website
> but somebody else's who thankfully worked on my work carried on by others since.
>> This is the same problem that I am facing in my devanagai characters. I was
>> able to get around this issue by copying the missing glyphs and the lookup
>> table from the chandas.ttf font file available @
>> into the unifont.ttf. But with the
>> Chandas.ttf we have a licensing issue as it does not have the font
>> exception.
> Back in 1998 we were still struggling with much more basic problems and lacking
> a better idea and understanding I intended to create a minimalistic solution
> along the traditional CJK terminal solutions lining up text in bitmap boxes
> which should make UTF-8 byte strings' intented meaning guessable
> by simply mapping each character to a meaningful glyph,
> somewhat like a 1980's hexdump disassembler did.
>> So since you have mentioned that you will rectify the devanagari combined
>> characters , when can we expect the next version of the Unifont.ttf file
>> which solves the issue with the devanagari combined characters?
> If you can provide any guidance for us less educated on how to make
> the Indic scripts readable with bitmap cells,
> I would love to resolve this you as a contact person.
> Regards: Roman

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