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Sun May 12 02:54:23 EDT 2024

I'm Manav Chauhan, a 3rd year Computer Science and Engineering student from
India and I have an aim of working at CERN Labs one day where I can
contribute to a place that drives scientific innovation where my interest
lies in the domain of system/low-level as I have always been fascinated by
the core or the internals of Computer Science. To achieve such an ambitious
goal, I need some credibility and more experience in the field of low-level
and operating systems. My research led me to the Linux Kernel Mentorship
program where I read blogs and experiences of other such passionate
individuals who contributed to such a core technology that is the linux
kernel. I have been using Debian Testing for a year and am curious about
how all of it works under the hood. Diving deep into this field may be
daunting so I wanted some guidance regarding participation in this
mentorship for the Fall program. I am already midway through the 'A
Beginner's Guide to Linux Kernel Development (LFD103)' course and was
looking forward to some guidance regarding other steps I should take to
strengthen my application..
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