Prefer strscpy over strcpy

Jonathan Bergh bergh.jonathan at
Sat Sep 30 14:48:22 EDT 2023

hi there

So this is a question about the common checkpatch warning I am sure (most)
people have seen when runing over kernel code. 

In this particular example "driver_name":
  * In: vme_fake.c:
	static const char driver_name[] = "vme_fake": 

will always fit into vme_bridge->name:
  * In: vme_bridge.h:
	#define VMENAMSIZ 16
	struct vme_bridge {
		char name[VMENAMSIZ];

and yet in the __init function, the code uses:
  * vme_fake.c:
	strcpy(fake_bridge->name, driver_name);

Is it (would not be) correct to use:
  * strscpy(fake_bridge->name, driver_name, sizeof(fake_bridge->name));

I cant see an issue, since driver_name is a const char[] and will always 
fit into fake_bridge->name but I wanted to check whether there might be 
some reason strcpy and not strscpy has been used? 

thanks in advance, 

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