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Tue Sep 26 00:19:28 EDT 2023

The philosophy "everything is a file" is a cornerstone of UNIX and Linux
design, offering a unified interface for interacting with resources, be
they hardware or software. Shifting to a paradigm where "everything is a
database entry" or "active record" introduces a layer of abstraction that
could compromise the simplicity and directness for which Linux is renowned.

1. **Performance Overhead**: Databases introduce latency and CPU overhead,
affecting system responsiveness.

2. **Complexity**: Managing schemas, indices, and transactions adds
unnecessary complexity for basic operations.

3. **Scalability**: File operations in Linux are optimized for performance
and can scale horizontally. A database model may not offer the same
scalability without significant engineering.

4. **Compatibility**: Existing applications rely on file-based APIs. A
transition would necessitate widespread code changes, breaking backward

5. **Principle of Least Astonishment**: Linux users expect a file-based
paradigm. Changing this could alienate a significant portion of the
community who rely on existing interfaces and behaviors.

6. **Transparency and Control**: Databases are often opaque, whereas the
"everything is a file" design gives developers direct access to resources,
offering more control.

While innovation is vital, it's crucial to weigh these concerns carefully
against the benefits your proposal might bring.
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