Neovim LSP with Linux Kernel

Maciej Wieczór-Retman maciej.wieczor-retman at
Tue Sep 19 03:45:29 EDT 2023

I'm using neovim for a long time now and I've been using ccls as the LSP
for anything in C. It's working very well with userspace programs (with
"bear -- make" to generate compile_commands.json) but it seems to take
up a lot of CPU power whenever I reboot and open any kernel code.

The kernel provides it's own way to get compile_commands.json and I
understand that ccls needs a bit of time to index these thousands of

But does anyone know if there is a way to avoid indexing files so often?
Or maybe is there a better LSP for C? I couldn't really find anything
else and I'm running Arch Linux which suggests it's the recommended one
for C.

Kind regards
Maciej Wieczór-Retman

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