Debugging i2c : i2cdetect cant detect a device on i2c line

Raul Piper raulpblooper at
Thu Sep 7 13:08:10 EDT 2023

On Thu, Sep 7, 2023 at 9:47 PM Lucas Tanure <tanure at> wrote:
> On Thu, 7 Sept 2023, 14:56 Russell King (Oracle), <linux at> wrote:
>> On Thu, Sep 07, 2023 at 08:36:32PM +0700, Bagas Sanjaya wrote:
>> > [also Cc: devicetree and ARM folks]
>> >
>> > On Thu, Sep 07, 2023 at 08:21:44AM +0530, Raul Piper wrote:
>> > > Hello ,
>> > > I am trying to detect an i2c device A on i2c1 line on  one of the Arm
>> > > Cortex A7 platform but not able to see any device on a given address (
>> > > 0x3d) .
>> > >
>> > > Is there any parameters of i2c which i can change like rise/fall time
>> > > , timeout etc in a device tree or kernel source and re test it?
>> > > I have tried changing the i2c speed from 100KHz to 400 KHz  but no success.
>> > > I have even tried removing the 1.5K pull ups on the i2c lines but no result.
>> Honestly, from this description, I'm wondering if this posting is a joke.
>> I2C is entirely _reliant_ on pull-ups. It's a wire-or bus, and the
>> logic 1 state is created by no device pulling the signal low, thereby
>> allowing the pull-up resistor to pull the line to the logic 1 state.
>> The pull-up must be the correct strength for the devices on the bus.
>> If it is too strong, then a driver may not be able to pull the signal
>> sufficiently low for other devices to register it as a logic 0.
>> Conversely, the pull-up must be strong enough so that the rise-time
>> of the signal is sufficient to register as a logic 1.
>> If it's a problem with the rise time, then increasing the clock rate
>> will just make the situation worse.

Where can I change this time? Can you please provide example of some
device/device tree?

>> So, if other devices work on the bus, it could be that the Vil
>> threshold of this device is not being achieved, whereas the other
>> devices are happy. Therefore, I would suggest you study the data
>> sheets of the device that isn't being detected.
What Vil threshold? I checked the power supply to this device and it
is ~3.3 V as expected.

>> Lastly, if the undetectable device has a reset line, it's possible
>> that the device isn't responding because it's being held in reset.
The device is fine, I am sure about it. As the device provides data on
USART as well and I am getting it.
> Please try to use an logic analyser like saleae logic.
> Probe the i2c bus, reset line, power lines, pins that set the i2c address for the device.
> Can tell us which device it is?

Its a GPS sensor(still under development) .Logic Analyser gives NACK
on the given address.
I may be using the wrong pull ups value which i am checking.But from
software point of view is there a Device tree setting to enable the
internal pull ups or adjust the rise/fall time as said above.

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