Question regarding FlexSPI controller available on NXP boards

Patryk pbiel7 at
Wed Dec 13 16:20:05 EST 2023

I've got a question regarding FlexSPI controller available on e.g
imx8mm or ls1028/2160 boards.
To not waste your time here is tldr;
Does spi-nxp-fspi controller (and Linux driver) support simultaneous
read/write transactions?

More details here:
I have two boards, the first one is LS1028a, and the second one is
Hilsher netX90 and I need to connect these two over SPI. The only
available SPI controller I have on my board is FlexSPI. From what I've
found in the documentation by using LUT sequences I should be able to
adapt it to the protocol that is needed by netX90.
There is just one problem: netX immediately sends some status
information (1 status byte followed by 3 undefined bytes) once the
master starts clocking, which results in simultaneous transfer on both
MOSI and MISO lines.

Eg when I want to issue a read operation on netx, I send the following
byte stream:(1 byte cmd, 3 bytes addr, 1 byte length)

MOSI: 0x80 | 0x12 0x34 0x56 | 0x4

MISO: 0x11 | 0xXX 0xXX 0xXX | data[0]... data[3]

As you can see the status byte - 0x11 (followed by some undefined 3
bytes) is immediately sent over the MISO line. Then, data[0][3]
is actual data that was requested to fetch.
I tried to use spi-mem framework that is supported by spi-nxp-fspi
controller driver, but it does not support handling simultaneous
transfer thus at the end of the SPI transaction I ended up with a rx
buffer consisting of data[0][3] only.

Kindly asking for any advice. Unfortunately, there is no way to use a
traditional SPI controller in this case, as all of them are used for
other purposes.


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