Setting CPUFreq scaling governor to performance not setting CPU frequency to the highest

Vigneshwar S svigneshj at
Mon Dec 4 23:18:44 EST 2023

Hello everyone!

I've read about the CPU performance scaling in Linux kernel documentation
<> and tried
experimenting with multiple scaling governors. Based on the documentation,
the performance scaling governor
<> should
set the frequency to the maximum possible frequency.

I've got two machines with different kernel versions: v3.10.0 (CentOS 7)
and v5.10.106 (Debian 11). When I set the 'scaling_governor' to
'performance' in the CentOS machine, it is working as expected and the CPU
frequency is set to the maximum possible frequency statically. But when I
set the 'scaling_governor' to 'performance' in the Debian machine, that's
not the case and the CPU frequency is changing dynamically.

I've read that 'intel_pstate' scaling driver would bypass the scaling
governor and set the CPU frequency based on its internal pstate
information. But in both CentOS and Debian machines, the 'scaling_driver'
is set to 'acpi-cpufreq' only.

How can I solve this? Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.


Vigneshwar S
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