Adding compatible string to standard UART

Ayush Singh ayushdevel1325 at
Tue Aug 29 12:58:46 EDT 2023

Hello everyone. I have been working on submitting my GSoC23 driver [1] 
to be merged upstream.

BeaglePlay has a specific UART that is connected to the CC1352 
Co-processor. This UART is used to communicate with CC1352 co-processor. 
It is also used to flash stuff to this co-processor using bsl. Thus, it 
should be possible to disable it with an overlay and show it as a normal 
ttyS* device. Currently, the beagle kernel uses the following dts [3].

My driver uses this UART and thus I need to patch the devicetree. 
However, I am not too sure what I need to do to submit my device tree 
patch upstream. I read the Submitting Devicetree (DT) binding patches' 
doc [2], but I don't understand a few things:

1. Should I even be using device tree? Maybe there is a better method?

2. Is there some naming convention? I was thinking of `beagle,cc1352-uart`

3. Do I need a documentation entry at 
`Documentation/devicetree/bindings`? If yes, should it go under serial?

4. I think I am supposed to use YAML now and not txt?

5. What are the required fields in this doc file?

Ayush Singh




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