Looking for ways to contribute

Richard richard_siegfried at systemli.org
Sun Aug 6 07:29:15 EDT 2023

I can recommend something I did:

Read and figure out network source code (whatever interests you in 
net/ipv4/ for example) and wheneever you have understood what a function 
does write some documentation for it (ideally in the kerneldoc format) 
and submit this doc as your patch.

Also, as a prerequisite, I recommend you to read "Linux Kernel 
Development" by Robert Love. It's important to get the fundamental 
differences to user space. For example the whole thing that there is 
process context and interrupt context. And what softirqs are.

-- Richard

On 04.08.23 13:58, ozlinux at hotmail.com wrote:
> Hi, I am new here. I have a fair amount of experience with C/C++, with a
> 3D graphics background. I have been looking for ways to contribute,
> particularly to networking, as that is what interests me, but I can't
> find anything to work on. If anyone knows where to point me for this, it
> would be greatly appreciated.
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