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> Hello. I would like to ask, what your advise would be to a person that
wants to get in the kernel development industry, without having a coputer
science degree. I attended some classes for computer science, but due to
some difficulties i left after the first semester. During that time we
learned a little bit about operating systems and the basics of programming.
Is learning operating systems C and Assembly, for a specific architecture,
(e.g. x86) a good start? What should my steps be after that? Thank you in
> Filippakopoulos Panagiotis

Read the documentation :

Read this by Valdis again and again... ( and again! )

After reading the above by Valdis go ahead and give it a go, this is how I

When I said read the documentation...

If you think about it there is no better documentation than the actual
source code. Reading the source
is one thing... understanding/comprehending it is totally another  :-)

Hope this helps!

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