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> Hello. I would like to ask, what your advise would be to a person that wants to get in the kernel development industry, without having a coputer science degree. I attended some classes for computer science, but due to some difficulties i left after the first semester. During that time we learned a little bit about operating systems and the basics of programming. Is learning operating systems C and Assembly, for a specific architecture, (e.g. x86) a good start? What should my steps be after that? Thank you in advance.
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You should start smaller.
C is hard.  kernel programming is harder.
You should definitely learn several other languages 1st
Python for example.

But really, if you havent already,
you should start by getting a Linux distro running on a cheap laptop.
Then you can scratch any itch.
and youll have the tools, like a compiler to complain about your syntax errors

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