gdb vmlinux scripting

jim.cromie at jim.cromie at
Mon Nov 28 16:46:42 EST 2022

so Im debugging a kernel,
running inside virtme  (I cant recommend it enough)

using 2 terminals, each in build-dir

1st runs
function dkrunk () {
    echo vm    $KRUN_SHOW $KRUN_STDS $KDBG_OPTS $* $QM_OPTS --smp 3 -s -S
    virtme-run $KRUN_SHOW $KRUN_STDS $KDBG_OPTS $* $QM_OPTS --smp 3 -s -S
    # -qmp tcp:localhost:4444,server,nowait

2nd runs:
alias tui='gdb --tui -q -x ../../../gdb-2 vmlinux'

that script is

# seems I need a hardware breakpoint to get started,
# is that the case for anyone else ?
hbreak dynamic_debug_init
b strcmp if cs == ct

If you do this, youll find all the places where
strcmp is called on identical args.

Most of them I dont want to see,
but what kind of syntax lets me look up the frame(s)
to select only the contexts of interest ?

it would be useful enough to test just the caller file,
that would get me a long way

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