How to compile source code of new kernel specifically for my pc hardware with uefi secure boot.

Greg KH greg at
Wed Mar 2 15:31:45 EST 2022

On Tue, Mar 01, 2022 at 04:42:53PM +0530, Guddla Rupesh wrote:
> Someone of you asked what is the need of compiling source code of kernel
> and I am doing so due to the following reasons.
> The main issues are when I click the shutdown button in desktop
> environments like gnome, mate the system is not shutting down immediately.
> When I run the command halt in terminal the monitor gets turned off but
> still the cpu runs a long time until I switch off the power.

How do you know this is a kernel issue?  Sounds like userspace still has
something to do to shut down.  Look into that first.

You can verify this by rebooting from the kernel directly using the
specific sysrq key combination.  I'll let you read the documentation to
find what that is as it can cause data loss if used without syncing the
disks first, so be careful.

> Previously I have tried to connect to internet through android tethering
> and the connection turns off with in 6 minutes and so I have tried a number
> of ways such as installing android udev rools and trying the commands

That sounds like an android device issue, not the kernel problem.  Not
much the kernel can do when the device shuts off.

> Now the issue is when I want to copy files from android smartphone to pc
> and connect the phone to pc the system is showing error as usb device not
> recognised.

Which USB device exactly?

> Most of the time I work using ffmpeg tool and so I have installed open CL
> packages like beignet, beignet devel, opencl headers, ocl-dev, clinfo
> packages. When I issue the command clinfo I am getting errors as no open CL
> devices found etc.,.

Do you have the needed hardware for the cl libraries?

Try solving one at a time.

good luck!

greg k-h

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