What is considered a real name?

R. Valentim Feitoza da Silva valentimfeitoza at outlook.com
Thu Jul 7 19:17:52 EDT 2022

Dear Kernelnewbies community,

What is considered a real name by the Linux kernel development community?

I've read that you have to use your real name on the Signed-off-by line, but this term used, "real name", is confusing.

If a person has a preferred name (not a pseudonym, nickname, or diminutive) that they go by in everyday life (both online and offline) that is different from their legal name, and only uses their legal name when strictly necessary, is the preferred name considered a real name and allowed to use on the Signed-off-by line?

For example, a person who goes by their middle name (and only uses their first name where it's strictly necessarily to use full legal name), or a transgender and/or non-binary person whose legal name is a deadname.

Best regards,
R. Valentim Feitoza da Silva
ele/dele, he/him/his/himself
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