Trying to understand oom-killer (output)

Valentin Vidić vvidic at
Fri Feb 4 16:54:24 EST 2022

On Thu, Feb 03, 2022 at 07:37:26PM +0100, Sasa Vilic wrote:
>  active_anon:11334512 inactive_anon:331655 isolated_anon:0
>  active_file:5010 inactive_file:8095 isolated_file:141
>  unevictable:11170 dirty:0 writeback:5 unstable:0
>  slab_reclaimable:4728777 slab_unreclaimable:3779454
>  mapped:11225 shmem:1027917 pagetables:28308 bounce:0
>  free:99164 free_pcp:598 free_cma:0
> There are 18 GiB (4728777 pages) used by the kernel that could be
> apparently reclaimed, but it is not. Why is the kernel not reclaiming
> that space?
> There are 14 GiB (3779454 pages) used by the kernel that could not be
> reclaimed. Why is my kernel taking so much space?

What does slabtop say about this?


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