smp_processor_id used in preemptable context ?

Vincent Ray vray at
Thu Apr 28 05:15:27 EDT 2022

Hi Linux hackers ! 

I'm reading some code in net/core/dev.c and something puzzles me : somewhere in __dev_queue_xmit, we have : 
int cpu = smp_processor_id(); /* ok because BHs are off */ 

and, indeed, a few lines up there is : 
/* Disable soft irqs for various locks below. Also 
* stops preemption for RCU. 

Now I'm wondering : is this really ok ? 
>From what I understand, this code can very well run in user context, with hard IRQs ON, and in fact it should, according to the following comment : 

* When calling this method, interrupts MUST be enabled. This is because 
* the BH enable code must have IRQs enabled so that it will not deadlock. 
* --BLG 

Then I guess it could be preempted at any time, especially with aggressive versions of preemptions ? 
And if so, are we not at risk that our thread is migrated to an other CPU just after smp_processor_id returned ? 


V Ray 

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