Linux kernel environment setup in VSCode

Jasper Surmont surmontjasper at
Mon Apr 4 14:31:46 EDT 2022


I'm new to the Linux kernel development, and I wanted to set up a VSCode 
environment for navigating the code (I know, even though people tell me 
Vim is better but currently I'm really not comfortable with it yet).
My main goal is just navigating and understanding. I've been able to 
make a lot work, and using the C/C++ extension from Microsoft I have 
good IntelliSense.

However, some things are getting flagged by the extension as errors 
(which of course shouldn't, since I've been able to compile the kernel).
These are things like: identifiers being undefined (for example, in 
kernel/sched/cpudeadline.c u64 is undefined) and errors like: function 
returning array is not allowed (for example, in drivers/md/dm-zero.c on 
the bottom).
I'm wondering if I'm forgetting things such that all these things get 
resolved. Any tips are appreciated.


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