How can I debug kernel module running on a virtual machine?

Chan Kim ckim at
Tue Apr 5 10:03:38 EDT 2022

Hello all,

I found how to do it, I had asked it on and posted it as
an answer there.
Please see if you are interested.
Thank you!

Chan Kim

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> Subject: How can I debug kernel module running on a virtual machine?
> Hello all,
> I think I have once read about this but can't find it now.
> I'm running linux-5.4.188 on a qemu arm64 virtual machine. Because I built
> the kernel from the source, I can debug(analyze) the kernel by attaching
> to the linux kernel program running on a remote machine(qemu virtual
> machine). To test an application which uses our device(the device model is
> in qemu too), I compiled a device driver against kernel 5.4.188 and the
> linux application and can do insmod the driver and run the application.
> Now something is wrong and I have panic while running the application. I
> can debug linux kernel itself, but I don't know where the kernel module
> was loaded, so the debugger cannot debug the driver module. How can I
> debug the device driver? (or even the application? in case I need to
> someday). I remember by first getting the loaded address of the kernel
> module, and doing add-symbol-file for the driver image relative to that
> loaded address, it is possible to do kernel module debug. I think this is
> what driver developers will be doing always.  Please tell me how I can do
> it. If this is possible, it will save many days for me.
> Thank you!
> Chan Kim

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