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> Hi all,
> What small projects would you suggest to a novice with the ALSA
> kernel. The aim is to develop a familiarity with the ALSA kernel
> source code, and also to submit it for academic purposes.
> --
> Thanks,
> Sekhar

1. Read the documentation for the Linux Sound Subsystem :
2. Then try to understand the the ALSA Driver API
3. In your kernel source tree under the sound folder/directory you will
find lot's of useful source code.

If you open the /sound/x86/intel_hdmi_audio.h file at the very top you will
see what is below:

// SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-only
 *   intel_hdmi_audio.c - Intel HDMI audio driver
 *  Copyright (C) 2016 Intel Corp
 *  Authors: Sailaja Bandarupalli <sailaja.bandarupalli at>
 * Ramesh Babu K V <ramesh.babu at>
 * Vaibhav Agarwal <vaibhav.agarwal at>
 * Jerome Anand <jerome.anand at>
 * ALSA driver for Intel HDMI audio

All the authors you will notice are from intel and seem to be all south
asian :-))) pure coincidence ? I somehow
do not think so.

Muni in my experience what I have learnt  over the years is there will be
times when you ask a question and
you will get very negative or straight-up demoralising and demotivating
toxic remarks and comments. My advice
to you is this:

Have a deaf ear to the obstacles and negative comments, rather use them as
motivation to achieve your goals.

*Lesson to take away:*

   1. Alas! We can’t have a deaf ear to the negative comments that we
   receive so abundantly from people all around us.
   I mean even those who don’t usually give advice, would try to stop you
   from doing something you so eagerly wanted to do,
   even when they themselves don’t know anything about it. But we can,
   however, avoid them or use them as a motivation
   to prove them wrong. Yep, use their words to prove them wrong!

Good luck - Aruna
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