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On Thu, Sep 23, 2021 at 4:05 PM Valdis Klētnieks
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> On Thu, 23 Sep 2021 18:39:22 +0200, Leon Gross said:
> > If got more of a general question: Is there a way to list all the
> > standard kernel modules that are included in a specific kernel version?
> > And I don't meant the currently running modules I could get via lsmod
> > but I mean all the modules that are supported by a specific kernel version.
> > Or can I even derive these myself from the source tree, without even
> > compiling the kernel (that would be very helpful)?
> One thing that you're overlooking is that many "modules" can be builtin
> to the kernel rather than modprobed at runtime.
> So it really depends what problem you're trying to solve by enumerating
> all the modules.

ive often wanted lsmod -b  to tell me that list.  or something like that.
maybe a different rc

[jimc at samwise wk-next]$ grep -P \\bparams /proc/dynamic_debug/control
kernel/params.c:177 [params]parse_args =_ "doing %s, parsing ARGS: '%s'\012"
kernel/params.c:156 [params]parse_one =_ "Unknown argument '%s'\012"
kernel/params.c:152 [params]parse_one =_ "doing %s: %s='%s'\012"
kernel/params.c:139 [params]parse_one =_ "handling %s with %p\012"
[jimc at samwise wk-next]$ modprobe params
modprobe: FATAL: Module params not found in directory
[jimc at samwise wk-next]$ echo $?

I guess it comes down to whats in /proc/

[jimc at samwise wk-next]$ wc /proc/modules
133 798 7818 /proc/modules
[jimc at samwise wk-next]$ lsmod | wc
    134     471    6170

or is it (lsmod user prog) already scouring /sys/module (via lib Id presume)?
it seems that
/sys/modules/* minus col-1-of  /proc/modules
would tell builtins

just musing out loud...

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