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Wed Sep 22 13:04:40 EDT 2021

On Wed, 22 Sep 2021 11:58:55 -0400, Ruben Safir said:
> OS's shouldn't need anything from a boot loader.  That ties the OS to
> the bootloader completely without need.

You might want to read Documentation/x86/boot.rst and think about what  the OS
is expecting to get passed from the boot loader, and then think about how you
would deal with the situation if that information wasn't passed along.

And oddly enough, your OS isn't tied to the boot loader.  In fact, any of the
following will work:

  Assigned boot loader ids (hexadecimal):

        == =======================================
        0  LILO
           (0x00 reserved for pre-2.00 bootloader)
        1  Loadlin
        2  bootsect-loader
           (0x20, all other values reserved)
        3  Syslinux
        4  Etherboot/gPXE/iPXE
        5  ELILO
        7  GRUB
        8  U-Boot
        9  Xen
        A  Gujin
        B  Qemu
        C  Arcturus Networks uCbootloader
        D  kexec-tools
        E  Extended (see ext_loader_type)
        F  Special (0xFF = undefined)
        10 Reserved
        11 Minimal Linux Bootloader
        12 OVMF UEFI virtualization stack
        == =======================================

And that's just the *documented* ones. So, as you were saying?

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